Lee's Summit R-7 School District

June 2, 2020 Bond Issue

82.2% for bond (passed required 4/7 ths) (no tax rate increase)

$224 million (no tax rate increase)

Bond Issue:


  • East Trails Middle School ($72 Million)
  • Lee’s Summit High School renovations ($80 million)
  • Middle school renovations ($25 million)
  • Mason Elementary renovations ($16 million)
  • Second early education center ($9 million)
  • High school activity improvements ($19 million)
  • Safety and security upgrades ($3 million)

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April 7, 2015 Bond Issue

79.3% for bond (passed – required 4/7ths)Bond: 6,413 YES votes and 1,675 NO votesBond: $40 million (no-tax-increase)

  • New Summit Technology Academy / Missouri Innovation Campus
  • Elementary school improvements – Greenwood Elementary ADA access and gym renovation; Hazel Grove Elementary kitchen renovation; Longview Farm Elementary concrete at kindergarten wings; Lee’s Summit Elementary health room renovation, drop-off lane and kitchen renovation; Meadow Lane Elementary track upgrade/repair and basement renovation; Mason Elementary gym expansion, classroom renovation, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) access; Pleasant Lea Elementary health room/office renovation; Prairie View Elementary north gym isolation; Richardson Elementary additional parking; Trailridge Elementary restroom sink replacement; Underwood Elementary cafeteria renovation.
  • Middle school and high school improvements – Bernard Campbell student entry doors replacement and locker painting; Pleasant Lea locker replacement; Summit Lakes sound system; Lee’s Summit High School science classrooms renovation; Lee’s Summit North High School entry re-design (safety/security); Lee’s Summit West High School restrooms/concession area for baseball and softball area.
  • Special education projects – Highland Park Elementary life skills classroom restrooms; Miller Park Center upstairs renovation, gym floor upgrade and kitchenette.
  • Maintenance projects at numerous schools including playground work – playground safety upgrades to all elementary schools’ soft play areas and replacement of deteriorated play equipment; maintenance projects at numerous schools including flooring, carpet, ceilings, painting, roofing, paving, mechanical, doors, windows, FOBS, backflows, water sanitizing and masonry; capital projects included would impact all Lee’s Summit R-7 schools.

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February 8, 2011 Levy Issue

63% against levy (failed – required simple majority)

Levy: 9,664 NO votes and 5,709 YES votes

Levy: operating tax levy increase of $0.89 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for general operating purposes

Levy Issue:


  • Maintain the quality of programs and services for students.
  • Allow the district to avoid most of the approximately $6 million in additional cost containment for 2011-12 and 2012-13.
  • Eliminate a portion of current cost-containment measures.
  • Limit further class size growth.
  • Protect R-7 property values by ensuring continuation of our quality educational system.
  • Limit elementary combination classrooms in the future.
  • Provide resources for the district to work toward its goal of comparable salaries for teachers and staff.
  • Allow the district to “continue its legacy of excellence” for all students.

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April 6, 2010 Bond Issue

65% for bond (passed – required 4/7ths)

Bond: 7,083 YES votes and 3,757 NO votes

Bond: $16 million (no-tax-increase)
Bond Issue:


  • Hazel Grove Elementary – construction of first-grade classroom, art room, music room; renovations to office, focus room, staff work room; new public restrooms and storage areas.
  • Bernard Campbell Middle School – new gymnasium.
  • Pleasant Lea Middle School – remodeling of teacher planning center and student counseling area.
  • Instructional and operational technology improvements.
  • Resurfacing of all three middle-school tracks.
  • Lee’s Summit North High School – two unlighted women’s softball fields.
  • Lee’s Summit High School – 7,700-square-foot multi-use physical-education/activity/athletic building.
  • Lee’s Summit High School – remodeling of current multi-use physical-education/activity/athletic building to create a district-wide robotics center.
  • Renovation of existing tennis courts at all three high schools.
  • Replacement of the existing grass turf at all three high schools’ stadiums with multi-use, all-weather artificial turf.
  • Sixth phase of the district’s ongoing performance contracting energy-conservation efforts.
  • Capital improvements at schools across the district including flooring renovations, painting, paving, roofing and general maintenance.
  • New school buses and improvements to the existing bus parking area.
  • Purchase of approximately 35 to 40 acres for a future R-7 middle school.

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April 8, 2008 Bond Issue and Prop C Tax Levy Waiver Continuance

72.4% for bond (passed – required 4/7ths)    64.6% for Prop C (required simple majority)

Bond: 8,072 YES votes and 3,083 NO votes    Prop C: 7,159 YES votes and 3,919 NO votes

Bond: $54 million (no-tax-increase)    Prop C: 20 cent (no-tax-increase)
Bond Issue:


  • Construction of Sunset Valley Elementary — opened fall of 2009.
  • All-day kindergarten classrooms and support classrooms.
  • Great Beginnings Early Education Center – construction of two classrooms.
  • Mason Elementary School – Addition of four classrooms, school improvements and new cafeteria/kitchen space.
  • Hazel Grove Elementary – remodeling of classrooms and office area.
  • Lee’s Summit High School – improvements in classrooms, broadcast journalism editing studio and family and consumer science rooms.
  • Lee’s Summit North High School – Addition of industrial technology lab, band storage room, docking/mechanical space and hallways.
  • Lee’s Summit West High School – planned addition of 18 classrooms to increase school’s capacity by 357 students.
  • Instructional technology.
  • Miller Park Center, remodeled facility to serve special needs students previously served outside district.
  • R-7 Aquatic Center, self-supporting swim/dive facility — opened fall of 2009.
  • Marching band uniform replacement at LSHS and LSNHS.
  • Portable bleachers (district-wide use).
  • Capital projects (repairs and improvements) at several schools/other sites.
  • School bus purchases/parking lot improvements.

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April 4, 2006 Bond Issue

75% for bond (passed – required 4/7ths)

Bond: 17,747 YES votes and 5,835 NO votes

Bond: $32 million (no-tax-increase)
Bond Issue:


  • Construction of Summit Pointe Elementary School — opened fall of 2007.
  • Additions at Pleasant Lea and Summit Lakes Middle Schools.
  • Improvements/renovations at Bernard Campbell Middle School.
  • Additions and improvements at all three high schools.
  • Technology enhancements and improvements.
  • Construction of new Stansberry Leadership Center on district owned land just east of LSNHS.
  • District warehouse addition.
  • Repairs and improvements at approximately two-thirds of existing R-7 schools.
  • School bus purchases to meet growth needs, replace older vehicles.

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April 6, 2004 Bond and Levy Issues

74% for bond (passed – required 4/7ths)    55.8% for levy (passed – required simple majority)

Bond: 10,662 YES votes and 3,756 NO votes    Levy: 8,012 YES votes and 6,358 NO Votes

Bond issue: $25 million (no-tax-increase) Levy:  59-cent operational levy
Bond Issue:


  • Construction of Longview Farm Elementary School — opened fall of 2005
  • Additions at Pleasant Lea and Summit Lakes Middle Schools.
  • Construction of new Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center — opened summer 2005
  • Addition at Meadow Lane Elementary School.
  • Technology enhancements and improvements.
  • Numerous capital projects at schools throughout the district.
  • Energy conservation improvements to increase efficiency, save costs.
  • School bus purchases to meet growth needs, replace older vehicles


  • Maintain school district’s quality educational programs in the face of dramatic reductions in state funds.
  • Meet ongoing growth needs.
  • Reduce class sizes that do not meet state standards.
  • Reduce the number of elementary combination classrooms.
  • Provide conservative salary increases for R-7 staff.

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April 2, 2002 Bond and Levy Issues

76% for bond (passed – required 4/7ths)    62% for levy (passed – required simple majority)

Bond: 9,593 YES votes and 3,084 NO votes    Levy: 7,841 YES votes and    4,816 NO votes

Bond issue: $67 million (no-tax-increase) Levy: 25-cent operational levy

Bond Issue:


  • Lee’s Summit West High School ($46.5 million) — opened fall of 2004.
  • Renovation of four elementaries-Greenwood, Lee’s Summit, Pleasant Lea and Westview ($7 million).
  • Summit Ridge Academy (secondary alternative school) ($2.25 million).
  • Renovation of Lee’s Summit High School ($7 million).
  • Upgrade of instructional technology ($2 million).
  • Relocation of and construction of Facilities Services ($1.75 million).
  • Additional school buses ($500,000).

Levy Issue:


  • Funding to hire additional staff to meet growth needs.
  • Funding to  provide salary increases for R-7 staff.
  • Enhancement of instructional technology.
  • Funding for a 7th- and 8th-grade middle-level education program.
  • Funding for a gifted program for primary (K-3) students.

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April 6, 1999, Bond Issue

63 % for bond (passed – required four-sevenths)

11,184 YES votes and 6,482 NO votes

$31 million (12-cent property tax increase)

Bond Issue:


  • Hawthorn Hill Elementary and Woodland Elementary ($17 million) — opened fall 2001.
  • Improvements to existing schools ($7.2 million) — LSHS lecture hall addition, PAC improvements, enclose breezeway, musical instrument storage, window replacement; library additions at Hazel Grove, Mason, Pleasant Lea Elementary Schools, new computer labs at Hazel Grove and PLE; parking improvements at Hazel Grove; gym floor replacement at Pleasant Lea Middle School.
  • Lee’s Summit North High School addition for classrooms ($5.3 million).
  • Acquisition of land for future school sites ($1.5 million).

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April 7, 1998, Bond Issue

78 % for bond issue (passed – required 4/7ths majority)

7,862 YES votes and 2,154 NO votes

$23 million (no tax increase)
Bond Issue:


  • Summit Lakes Middle School’s first phase ($15,000,000) — opened fall 2000.
  • Air conditioning for R-7 schools ($7,500,000) — includes LSHS, Greenwood Elem., Hazel Grove Elem., Lee’s Summit Elem., Pleasant Lea Elem., Prairie View Elem. (basement only) and Westview Elem.

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