Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Record an R-7 Voicemail

R-7 VoicemailsWant to help LSR7 celebrate our amazing staff in honor of national holidays such as National School Lunch Week and American Education Week?

Record a message for R-7 Voicemails, where LSR7 patrons are invited to send messages of gratitude and appreciation for the awesome teams in LSR7.

Your message should:

  • Express appreciation, tell a story or share a shout-out that is relevant to our Appreciation Weeks and we may share it in a future segment of R-7 Voicemails.
  • Be short and concise. Please keep your message shorter than 30 seconds.
  • Not include your phone number, address or any other personally identifiable information outside of your name and school.
  • Address our collective LSR7 teams. While we may occasionally share individual shout-outs, we will prioritize sharing messages that celebrate our employee groups as a whole.

Are you ready to record your R-7 Voicemail? Call 816.986.1099 at any time. Always refer to our Appreciation Calendar below to see what LSR7 Team we are celebrating next.

Direct any questions to communications@lsr7.net.


R-7 Voicemails

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