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Annual Performance Report (APR) updates regarding LSR7 data

Each year the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) releases data related to our district’s Annual Performance Report (APR). As you might recall, last year, Lee’s Summit R-7 earned a 99.3 on our APR.

This year, DESE is shifting the way in which districts receive their data related to status, growth and progress. The intent from DESE is to create a tool that more clearly aligns with reflective work – to help guide school improvement work. This shift allows us to move beyond percentages or scores and focus more on the data. When measures aren’t quantifiable, it becomes more about looking internally for school improvement instead of depending on a single score that gets compared to other school districts. 

Here are a few talking points related to LSR7’s data:

  • Districts across the state of Missouri received district and building Annual Performance Reports (APRs) in early October that did not include science data. Science data is being released by DESE and updated APRs will be provided to school districts. 
  • LSR7 is pleased with the initial 2019 APR:
    • Highlights include:
      • In the status measure, LSR7 was in the top two performance levels in all areas of all standards. 
      • The APR indicates strong district progress in the area of mathematics in both Standard 1 – involving all students – and Standard 2 which involves data for students in subgroups.
  • Again, science assessment data is being released by DESE with updated APRs that will include the new data.
  • Stay tuned for further, complete information regarding our APR later this fall.

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