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Board of Education votes to proceed with 6th grade to Middle School decision, beginning with the 2022-2023 school year

At the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, September 25, 2019, the Board of Education unanimously voted to approve moving our 6th graders to the middle school environment, beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. This move will be in conjunction with proposed facility projects relating to the middle school environment through our CFMP work.

This vote is the result of the “Sixth Grade to Middle School” process action team and the work over the course of the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) Phase I and Phase II timelines. The Board of Education received information throughout the course of the last several months regarding the work conducted in the Spring of 2019 by a robust team of teachers, counselors, parents, elementary administration, middle school administration, district administration and community members. 

The work team explored current facilities needs, realities and implementation needs while looking at research and professional literature on the topic. The team also toured current middle schools and conducted meetings surrounded by middle school students so the team remained mindful of the focus of the work. They also considered facilities and middle school program plans from other school districts.

Another component of the team’s considerations included the needs of the adolescent learner and how those needs would drive any recommendation to the CFMP Team and Board of Education. The team actively gathered questions and concerns on the topic (within the team and with additional stakeholders over the course of the team’s work). Ultimately they looked at what was best for this age group of students relative to their social/emotional needs and how programming could support these needs.

Lastly, the team planned for feedback gathering of various stakeholder groups. This presentation overviews the information provided to the Board of Education.

We then engaged with families, staff members and community members during our middle school concept engagement series. Thank you to those who attended the engagement evening last week. 

We gathered and categorized the feedback from the evening and posted the feedback on our Phase II portion of the CFMP webpage here. We hope you have a chance to review the comments provided by our families and staff members in attendance. Also, just a reminder, we gathered the bulk of our middle school feedback during our CFMP Phase I work last year. This event was simply an additional opportunity to focus solely on the middle school process action team and their recommendations.

We’ve also added our “Day in the Life” of a middle school student video to our webpage.  We previewed this video at the engagement series and have posted it in our social media platforms.

Lastly, a quick reminder that the continuation of the work in the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) process is specifically emphasized in Board Priority 2 – identifying facility projects in anticipation of an April 2020 “no-tax-increase” bond issue. There will be much more to come on this priority as we engage with our students, families, staff, leaders, Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and community members about how to ensure our district’s schools and classrooms are best equipped to educate future learners. We want to signal to our community that this is a priority as we’ve approved the 6th grade to middle school decision and start identifying projects for our school district.

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