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CFMP Phase II Work and Team Collaboration

Phase II work in the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) process is currently underway in our school district. The CFMP team has reconvened to continue providing input and feedback for our process action teams and planning teams that are currently meeting.

The process action teams, as a result of Phase I work in the CFMP, are studying and researching best practices and applicable scenarios for our LSR7 schools. The process action teams and planning teams that are currently meeting are below:


Instructional Framework Team

R-7 Equity Plan Development Team

“Future Ready” School Visit Teams

Middle School Design Process Action Team

Year-Round School Process Action Team

Theme-Based Schools Process Action Team 2

Expansion of Work Force Ready Preparation Process Action Team 3

Early Childhood Expansion (partnership with Facilities) Team 4

English Language Learners Program Placement Process Action Team


These teams are comprised of students, teachers, support staff, administrators, parents and community members. As they work through their associated teams this spring, they will be reporting out their findings and recommendations.

Again, these teams are the result of our Phase I work through the CFMP process and we are looking forward to continuing the collaborative environment of feedback and recommendations. Our professional learning day on Friday, March 1st, revolved around future-ready learning and design. Our teaching team and support team took time to provide input on our Portrait of a Graduate model and provide insight into current classroom practices.

We also have internal teams and members of our Citizens’ Advisory Committee, Business Roundtable committee and CFMP committee visiting model schools around the Kansas City region to observe and learn about future-ready school sites. The site visits are running parallel to our team meetings to help provide a robust picture of what’s currently working well and what we can continue modeling as we move into a vision for the future of our schools.

We look forward to continuing our communication with you as we begin to condense findings and make recommendations throughout March, April and May.

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