Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan – Engagement Series III

Last week we hosted our second engagement series in the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) process. We received important and valuable feedback around informal facilities and learning concepts as well as potential boundary ideas. The series format was interactive, with opportunities for small group dialogue. Exit survey feedback indicates that the format was appreciated and provided a forum for conversation, and we are committed to fostering that level of interaction throughout the rest of the CFMP process.

We’ve heard throughout this process that it might be appropriate to slow down to continue analyzing the community’s feedback through the fall. Because we agree that we want some additional time to look at our informal options and continue to shape and refine these based upon our community’s feedback, we are moving our Engagement Series III dates to the week of November 26. We are also condensing our series to three nights.

Engagement Series III
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Tuesday, November 27 – Missouri Innovation Campus
Wednesday, November 28 – Missouri Innovation Campus
Thursday, November 29 – Lee’s Summit High School, Lecture Hall (due to MIC’s open house on this date)

It was important to us that we released informal solutions around facilities and learning as well as potential boundary options to our staff, families and community so that you could review them prior to attending the second engagement series. These informal solutions are starting points, which we will now refine based on our engagement efforts and further analysis.

We have posted our informal ideas for both facilities and learning and boundary options on our CFMP webpage: www.lsr7.org/cfmp.

On the webpage you will be able to see potential solutions and also offer direct comments on our feedback forms through Friday, October 19. We have also outlined objective criteria to guide decision making around boundary considerations. The CFMP team has been working diligently with the administration and planning partners to help develop these informal solutions and ideas.

Our “informal solutions” online survey is open through October 19. You can visit the survey by clicking here, or by copying and pasting the following link in your browser: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LSR7CFMP-2. Additionally, we will move our third survey to November 19-29; to coincide with our third engagement series.

We will post our second online survey results and our feedback from the second engagement series on our CFMP webpage as it’s ready next week.

We are listening and making decisions based on the feedback we’re receiving. Your input is valuable and we will continue to shape our process and ideas around our community’s feedback. Thank you for staying connected to this process!