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In My Words – Dominic Mezerhane Maldonado (Our Schools Magazine: March 2021)

In My Words: Dominic Mezerhane Maldonado is a first grader at Lee’s Summit Elementary.

I like everything about reading. I like every type of story, minus the spider ones. I’m afraid of spiders. I like non-fiction, dinosaurs and creatures. I do not like the asteroid’s impact on dinosaurs. There are no dinosaurs on Earth.


My favorite thing about math is multiplication. I know it’s from the third grade, but multiplying is so easy, like 100 times 10 equals 1,000.


My favorite learning is science because we can do cool experiments.


I like the project of the exploding volcano. It’s really funny. It says do not shake the bottle, but I will shake the bottle. I will uncap the soda bottle and put four mints in there and BOOM! It shoots all the foam into the air.


From Marvel, I like Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk. Hulk is so funny. I’ve loved Captain America since I was a baby in Venezuela. Iron Man is so smart. I don’t pay much attention to DC Comics.


I like to teach my friends Spanish because if they go to Venezuela they can communicate. It makes me feel good because they are learning.


Legos are one of my favorite things to play with, and I can build a tree house or an X-wing.


My favorite Star Wars movies are “A New Hope,” “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”


I like to play board games. My favorite one is Monopoly.


I want to be a teacher, an astronaut and a race car driver. I want to be the first man on Venus. I would like to just test a big Hot Wheel car with a remote on the circuit and then report to the Hot Wheels builders who are going to build that same car but in miniature.