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In My Words: Jaelyn Roberson (Our Schools, June 2021)

Jaelyn Roberson, who just finished eighth grade at Summit Lakes Middle School, was involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including theater, Summit Lakes Singers and the cheer squad. She received recognition as a SLMS Student of the Month.

I really liked Summit Lakes Middle School because it had different opportunities for each student.

This year there was “Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical Jr.” and I played a little kid. Last year was “Disney’s Frozen Jr.” and I was young Anna. It seemed like a really fun experience to meet new people and explore your voice.

Cheer squad was a lot different. We had to wear masks while we were shouting and rooting for our team. We weren’t able to do stunts, which was a big letdown because cheer is based off of stunts, but we found ways where we could be together for 15 minutes and make these big pep rallies so our team understood we cared.

Throughout going through hybrid and going through fulltime, I understood it was hard for people because it’s sometimes hard for me to adjust to stressful situations. I wrote cards for some of my teachers and friends because I wanted them to understand they are loved.

I think resilience is really important. I see my teachers figuring out new ways to teach us through COVID-19, or we shift our learning so we understand. I’ve seen my mom doing her dissertation. I see problems that are coming up in the world that we’re trying to solve, and I think it’s really good and important to show that in schools.

The value of the Lee’s Summit education is they work hard to make sure every student understands, by putting it in different ways, different mindsets, until you understand as a student or as a parent that there are ways to solve problems; there are ways to learn; there are ways to be resilient.

I want to be a forensic scientist, which is basically they find fingerprints at crime scenes and they hope to solve a mystery. You always want to find a way to solve that and give the person comfort so they know what happened.

In the Lee’s Summit School District, they’re very supportive. One time I got a 100% on my math test and my teacher congratulated me and said “You did great. You worked hard, and your hard work paid off.” That made me feel completely happy.