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In My Words – Joel Kilgore (December 2021 Our Schools Magazine)

Joel Kilgore is a senior at Lee’s Summit North High School. He serves as president of the LSN National Honor Society and as an officer in the LSN Student Council. He earned Commended Student recognition in the National Merit Scholarship program.

  • Knowledge is one of the biggest things that we can pursue. It’s one of the most important things because it determines how we should live and what we should pursue as far as a career or a family or a lifestyle.
  • I want to keep as many doors open as possible so I have as many possible avenues in the future.
  • I enjoy math and science in school. It’s so fascinating to see, especially with science, how it can change the world. We live in a world that’s increasingly globalized and connected. The jobs that the world is becoming reliant on are STEM jobs. See how science can improve safety in transportation, build bigger high-rises, get us to other planets, cure diseases and eliminate poverty.
  • I very much want to pursue being a part of that change.
  • I’m looking toward engineering. I’m uncertain which field, but I would like to be a part of innovating. If I can be a part of transforming things for the better, using my natural gift for science and mathematics, that would be amazing.
  • Service is very important to me because I believe we are on this Earth to serve other people.
  • While you have organizations that may be more hands-on with dealing directly with people, handing out food, passing out needed medical supplies, someone who’s an engineer would be designing those medical supplies or creating those systems to easily transport items or improve the standard of living for an area.
  • I love the performing arts. I play the cello. I’m very passionate about that. I love trying to just become the best that I can. I love public speaking and just being in front of people. I also very much appreciate quiet study and learning.
  • I’ve done “Secret Garden” where I played Dickon. I was a dancer and played the role of Eddie in “Sister Act.” I was Mr. Mayor in “Seussical,” and this year I played Prince Christopher in our production of “Cinderella.” I don’t consider myself especially musically gifted, but I very much enjoy acting. I have a good stage presence, and I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I like performing in front of people and taking on a character.
  • I think storytelling is incredibly important in our world because it’s how people understand the lives of other people. That’s how we can feel compassion and empathy for others. That’s ultimately how we work to cooperate with each other rather than be in opposition.