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In My Words – Kimber Dhyne (Our Schools Magazine: March 2021)

In My Words: Kimber Dhyne, a fifth grader at Trailridge Elementary, is a member of Trailridge’s Broadcasting Team.

What made me get involved in broadcast is I’ve always liked to talk. I just thought it’d be really cool to be in the news.


If it’s the beginning of the month, we talk about what kind of topics we should talk about. If it’s the middle, we talk about editing or speaking or writing about that specific topic. We’ve talked about homelessness once; we interviewed someone; we’ve talked about safety rules, we’ve talked about the Kansas City Chiefs; we’ve talked about upcoming events, that kind of thing.


My perspective of journalism has really changed because I just used to focus on school work and not too much on friends. Now, I focus more on my friends in school and talking with the teachers a little bit more.


I’ve always been very talkative. I just feel like I’ve grown a little bit more by talking with others and chatting with my friends.


It’s helped me believe in myself more.


I like to talk about the things that are going on in life right now, other people’s perspectives about how they look at things.


My voice is an opinion. It helps me meet others and talk with others. It helps me think about other people’s perspectives. You can say what you think is happening. You can change things.


With your voice, you can make things the way you want to be.


I want to use my voice to be able to make others happy and safe and maybe I can be on a real news channel some day.


I’d say my generation really likes to express our opinions. It depends on the mood we’re in. Sometimes we like to make others really happy. We really like to make people feel welcomed and comforted.


My favorite part of being on broadcast is making others happy. My sister sees me onscreen in her classroom. That makes me happy.