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In My Words – Quinton Nofziger (Our Schools Magazine: March 2021)

In My Words: Quinton Nofziger is a junior at Lee’s Summit High School and Summit Technology Academy. Quinton won the Missouri Music Educators Association’s Electronic Music Composition Contest with his song “Is this ok??” (listen to the song at lsr7.org/quinton).

Winning the music competition was a fun experience, just trying something new in my musical endeavors. I don’t normally make electronic music but it was a fun learning experience.


The type of music I usually make is indie music or whatever kind of weird stuff I’m into at the time.


Sometimes I’ll write with my friends. I’ll have a phrase or I’ll watch a movie and be like, “Oh, that’s kind of a cool thing.”


I don’t really make electronic dance music (EDM). When I think of EDM, I think of no words, bass drops and things like that. I was pretty unsure about making it, and I was like, “I’m not the biggest fan of it.” That’s why I labeled it, “Is this ok??”


I’d say it’s an attempt at trying to get better in my musical abilities and experience and branch out.


I don’t have a vision in mind, necessarily. Usually when I make things it’s kind of sporadic and just impulsive.


I just want to be authentic to myself and my interests and just kind of do that. That’s my voice.


When you listen to a song, it can kind of take you back to a certain memory. It can take you back to a certain time or a certain movie scene. It just causes different emotions, so it’s kind of cool how it’s like this timeless thing. That’s what I enjoy about it.


When I heard about Summit Technology Academy, it was that you can make stuff and be creative. If you’re into visual or audio stuff, STA’s Digital Media Technology course is the perfect place for you to go. You can learn how to produce, how to make different videos and different editing techniques.


My teacher Mr. Shawn Harrel is pretty awesome because he really supports his students in their creative endeavors, wants you to succeed and wants you to make cool stuff.


I would like to be an audio engineer. That’d probably be my dream job and I can go to concerts. I can make music on the side or hang out with people.


My dream job would be to make any sort of art freely.