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In My Words: Robert Kim (October 2021 Our Schools Magazine)

Cedar Creek Elementary sixth grader Robert Kim studies in the Gifted program, participates in Book Club and enjoys swimming and fishing.

  • “I like science because every time you learn something different and new. I don’t have a favorite topic but I love learning how things work.”
  • “There’s a lot of creativity in the Gifted program and you do a lot of projects. We did a project to launch little candies. You have a group to work with, and you try to launch candy the farthest. You have to understand all the different contraptions. Another project used a ramp to slide an egg down in a car. It bashes into the wall, so you have to build protection around it.”
  • “I like a lot of books, but I think I mostly liked reading the “Spy School” series by Stuart Gibbs when I was in fourth grade. It was really entertaining. It was the first book I found that I actually liked, which made me read the whole series. I like a lot of the Truman Readers Award and Mark Twain Award nominees.”
  • “I’ve been in the Book Club. I like the recommendations. It gave me the opportunity to read more books and meet more people. I enjoyed talking about the books; there were a lot of different opinions.”
  • “I’ve grown a lot more comfortable around people. I’m not as shy and afraid to ask anything anymore.”
  • “Swimming is hard and really tiring, but it’s fun. You can definitely see how much you’ve grown, going to practice four times a week for an hour or two. I’ve gotten a lot better.”
  • “I like catch-and-release fishing. You just have a really good feeling once you catch a fish. The biggest fish I’ve caught is 7 pounds, as big as my whole upper body. I could barely carry it, and it was hard to get out of the water, which made it really fun to catch.”
  • “When you’re fishing and sitting there waiting, there’s always that feeling you’re not going to catch anything. You just want to go home but then if you keep trying you’ll most likely catch something, whether it’s in a day or a month. It’s really important not to give up because you’ll probably just go home upset without anything.”
  • “I’m excited for middle school next year because there are a lot of different opportunities. It’s somewhere to start finding your passion for when you’re older. I don’t really know what I want to be yet.”
  • “I’ve learned you can’t just stop in the middle of something. If you start something, you should probably finish it. Keep trying. Don’t stop. I’ve learned that from school, in swimming and things I do outside of school.”