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In My Words – Will Chuba (Our Schools Magazine: March 2021)

In My Words: Will Chuba, an eighth grader at Pleasant Lea Middle School, participates in the school’s theater program. His roles include Willy Wonka in “Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, Jr.” and Jack Scott in “Disney’s High School Musical, Jr.”

One reason I enjoy theater so much is that it really allows me to explore all sides of perspective.


Last year in seventh grade was my first time doing a show ever. I was Willy Wonka as we did the Willy Wonka musical.


Jack Scott’s character in “Disney’s High School Musical, Jr.” has more to it because his main gimmick is while he’s announcing things he’s very showboaty, he grabs the attention, but we see him during everyday school he’s actually a bit of a nerd. It’s all about how he comes to terms with this persona.


I have to give a lot of credit to my parents, who are both immigrants from Cameroon, a country on the west coast of Africa. They’ve always raised me to shoot for the stars and you cannot go wrong if you do that.


That’s why getting the Wonka role in general felt like such an accomplishment because it was proof of my own hard work.


My father is a pharmacist, and my mother is a nurse practitioner, so I plan to also do something in the medical field. I was thinking of becoming a neurosurgeon or something like that.


I have said the same thing since first grade — I want to go to Harvard. I’d like any Ivy League school, but I am confident that if I put 100% of my ability into working toward that goal, I could get into a college like that.


Though some people might be more willing to observe the world around them and look at it as something they go through, I look at it with a mindset of what can we do about this?


One thing I’ve seen in my generation is how much we are going to celebrate diversity. It’s something that you see every day in school, on social media. Diversity is being celebrated, and that is so great.


I think my idea of voice has changed since COVID-19. Having it around, even when the lockdown has lightened, it really makes me think about how much of an impact even your everyday person has on one another.


I feel this coronavirus situation has enlightened me as to how important everyone’s voice is in the world.