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Learn more about three Board of Education priorities approved this year

Earlier this month, the Board of Education approved three priorities for the 2019-2020 school year:

Board Priority 1

Increase the achievement of every child through a continued focus on innovative practices, student well-being and equity in program design and implementation. 

Board Priority 2

Ensure equitable access to future ready learning environments by further engaging stakeholders in the continued implementation of the Comprehensive Facility Master Plan by identifying preK-12 facility projects in anticipation of an April 2020 no-tax-increase bond issue.

Board Priority 3

Elevate communications by continuing to foster confidence and trust in our school district through increased involvement opportunities, interconnected public relations and engagement.

Board Priority 2 specifically mentions identifying facility projects in anticipation of an April 2020 no-tax-increase bond issue. This fall, you will receive more information on this priority as we engage our students, families, staff, leaders, Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) and community members about how to ensure our district’s schools and classrooms are best equipped to educate future learners.

This work began a year ago when committees and actions teams associated with the district’s Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan began to examine the future of LSR7’s schools, both from a capacity and an instruction standpoint.

For more information on what CFMP work has already been completed, visit the district’s CFMP webpage.

On this site you will find:

  • LSR7’s CFMP vision — why we are having conversations about the future of our schools
  • Timelines and graphics outlining CFMP plans
  • The groups and individuals involved in CFMP work so far and information about how to get involved
  • Videos, minutes and documents from LSR7’s fall 2018 engagement series related to Phase 1 of the CFMP
  • Community surveys related to CFMP work
  • More information about #R7FutureReady initiatives

Stay tuned for more information about the potential bond and the exciting opportunities it could represent for our students. We want to signal to you that preparing our district buildings and classrooms for the future is a top priority this year, and that our CFMP work will continue through the fall.

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