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This is a picture of Annie McCord, senior at Lee's Summit North High School.

Lee’s Summit North senior designs marketing materials for local nonprofit

She’s a Lee’s Summit North art student who makes fonts in her spare time and is considering a career in graphic design. LSR7 caught up with senior Annie McCord, the 17-year-old the ProDeo Youth Center tapped to design its marketing materials for its August fundraiser, “Structures, Sketches and Strokes: The Story of Us.

Annie McCord, LSN Senior, created this graphic design work for Pro Deo, a local nonprofit.

Annie McCord, LSN Senior, created this graphic design work for Pro Deo, a local nonprofit.

LSR7: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Annie: I am currently a senior at Lee’s Summit North and I have lived in Lee’s Summit my whole life.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, making fonts, and petting my dog. At school I am involved in the IB Diploma, cross country, diving, and track.  Overall, I really enjoy going to school, so it’s hard to choose a favorite subject, but I really enjoy art, Spanish, and history.  


LSR7: Is your art primarily focused around graphics or do you create in other mediums as well?

Annie: The majority of the work I do outside of the classroom focuses on typography and fonts, which can be used in graphics.  For class, I try to focus on non-digital mediums. For example: painting, drawing, mixed media, quilting., etc.


LSR7: When did you start becoming interested in art? What do you like about art?

Annie: I started to become more interested in art during my freshman year of high school.  One of the reasons I enjoy art is because it gives me an outlet to be creative when my other classes require very analytical thinking.


LSR7: We hear you designed the marketing materials for Pro Deo Youth Center’s August fundraiser. How did that opportunity come about for you? 

Annie: The opportunity to design Pro Deo’s marketing materials for their August fundraiser came about when Mrs. Witteman reached out to me in May.  I did not have Mrs. Witteman as a teacher, so this opportunity arose because she knew through a friend of mine that I had been interested in graphic design.


LSR7: You were able to apply skills you learned at school to the real world when you designed for the Pro Deo Youth Center. What prepared you for the experience and how did it feel to receive professional work while still in high school?

Annie: I think being able to work with deadlines and work diligently are skills that have prepared me to design this.  To receive professional work while still in high school is super valuable to me because I have considered pursuing graphic design as a career.  I have designed T-shirts here and there for groups at Lee’s Summit North and other people, but having the opportunity to work with a local organization has helped me branch out of my comfort zone with design.  


LSR7: Do you feel like your graphics have a specific aesthetic or are you trying out different things? 

Annie: When I first started working with fonts, I was hyper-focused on perfecting my calligraphy that I hadn’t opened my eyes to all of the other ways to create letters yet.  Now, when I am studying fonts, I really try to study font families that I am not as comfortable with, like serifs.


LSR7: What is your process for creating art?

Annie: My process normally goes from the initial idea to brainstorming, to roughly laying out how I want my design/piece to look, to possible sketches, to a first draft.  After the first draft, especially if I am working with graphics, I like to give my work a rest for a day or two and then come back to it. This allows me to clear my mind a little bit and come back to the design with a refreshed perspective and get ready to make necessary fixes and adjustments.  After that, I work toward arriving at the finished product.


LSR7: What do you do when you are not making art?

Annie: When I am not making art, I am probably reading, running, or doing community service.  I enjoy doing community service a lot, so creating this poster for Pro Deo was a neat experience since they are an organization whose main purpose is to serve our community.


LSR7: Is graphic design something you want to pursue as a career? Why or why not?

Annie: I think graphic design is definitely a career I am considering because it is something I enjoy doing.  It’s a fast-paced field, challenging, and always changing which I think would make the work worthwhile.


LSR7: What are you most excited for in the 2019-20 school year?

Annie: This school year I think I am most excited about figuring out where I am going to college.

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