Lee's Summit R-7 School District
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LSR7 Music Students Earn State Honors

Eighteen band and orchestra students from across the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District earned state honors.

Lee’s Summit High School

All-State Band
Kendall Esely, 22nd chair clarinet
Zach Church,  second chair trumpet
Harrison Clutter, third chair bass clarinet
Connor Gibbs, second chair trombone

All-State Honorable Mention Band
Allison Findlay, fourth chair bassoon

Lee’s Summit North High School

All-State Band
Shannen Allaman, first chair flute
Jude Carter, 16th chair clarinet
Ean Atkinson, first alternate bassoon

All-State Honorable Mention Band
Cam Risner, ninth chair clarinet

All-State Orchestra
Khang Nguyen, 11th chair second violin
Joe Walker, fourth chair percussion

Lee’s Summit West High School

All-State Band
Maddie Balsman, first chair clarinet
Jack Dumler, first chair percussion
Tevin Johnson, fourth chair alto sax

All-State Honorable Mention Band
Hannah Knapp, flute

All-State Orchestra
Shannon Bell, viola
Tucker Maxwell, violin
Ethan McFarland, first alternate cello