Lee's Summit R-7 School District
This is the Portrait of a Graduate icon.

LSR7 Portrait of a Graduate Project

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District has collaborated with students, parents, community members and internal stakeholders to create our Portrait of a Graduate project.

Led by Dr. David Sharp, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education, and Dr. Jennifer Kephart, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, the group agreed upon competencies that we want our students to have. These characteristics that our schools will help instill in our students are essential skills needed to be ready for future successful endeavors upon graduation. All contributing to our #R7FutureReady atmosphere.

The group created these five competencies that contribute to a Portrait of a Graduate: Contributes Globally, Thinks Innovatively, Builds Positive Relationships, Practices Resilience, Pursues Life Balance. A new section of our website details the characteristics that encompass these competencies. On the website, you can see the characteristics, practical applications and research that contributes to the whole portrait of what we want our graduates to leave us with.

As our leaders and staff members begin to engage with these competencies in our schools, we will be continuing to connect with our students to incorporate these traits into our work.

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