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LSR7 Real World Learning: Developing On-the-Job Skills

Tommy’s story is part of a feature on Real World Learning in LSR7.

Tommy Webb, a student at Lee’s Summit North, is using LSR7’s Community-Based Instruction program to demonstrate his employable skills.

CBI gives students who have special needs the opportunity to practice independence as they work jobs in LSR7 buildings and the community. Around the district, jobs can include cleaning, assisting in athletic training rooms, shredding documents, delivering mail, collecting lunch trays, and recycling at LSN and the Stansberry Leadership Center. Outside in the community, students get hands-on experience in a variety of jobs in the food and retail industries.

Tommy works at Hillcrest Thrift Store, where his responsibilities include clocking in, removing unsold merchandise and shipping it out, and putting returns away.

“Work is fun,” Tommy says. “The job community is fun.”

Tommy’s work experience has helped him grow. He’s more confident and less shy about being around new people and asking questions.

“It’s good experience to get a job,” Tommy says.


LSR7 students grow through advanced learning and hands-on professional experiences in programs such as Career and Technical Education, Innovation Track, Community-Based Instruction, the Missouri Innovation Campus and International Baccalaureate.

Now, through a new initiative and partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, the district is making significant strides toward providing “real world” learning experiences to its entire student body.

The goal of the metro-wide initiative, called Real World Learning (RWL), is for students to graduate with at least one of these experiences: internships, client projects, industry recognized credentials, dual college credit and other entrepreneurial opportunities across a range of interests, industries and employers.

Community connections are an essential part of this important work to prepare today’s students to be leaders in our future workforce. When employers give students opportunities to work in business/industry, students connect to the core principles and skills being taught in our classroom. Employers get early access to talent through interacting with students on projects or internships. RWL experiences help employers build their hiring pipeline, especially in high-demand industries. Visit lsr7.org/RWL to learn more.