Lee's Summit R-7 School District

LSR7 students travel to France for exchange program

Eleven students in the LSR7 French program from each high school spent the first two weeks of their summer vacation in France with teachers Madame Caitlin McKinney (LSN) and Madame Bess Hayles (LSHS).

Our student travelers include:

  • Kate Anderson (LSHS)
  • Kelly Connolly (LSN)
  • Claire Harris (LSHS)
  • Ryan Hawkins (LSW)
  • Kailee Jones (LSW)
  • Kesi Long (LSN)
  • Abby Massengill (LSW)
  • Dominic Smith (LSW)
  • Shelby Soukup (LSN)
  • Juliana Stramara (LSHS)
  • Meg Toth (LSHS)

At the beginning of their trip, LSR7 students took a walking tour in Paris, spent a day in Versailles and explored the Catacombs. Then, they traveled to the small mountain town of Annecy, where they visited an ancient castle, hiked the Alps and swam in Lake Annecy. The group ended their trip with a visit to Lee’s Summit’s sister school,  the Lycée Internationale Charles de Gaulle, in Dijon, where they attended school and climbed the famous Tower of Philippe le Bon. Before leaving France, the students returned to Paris to visit a museum and the Eiffel Tower.

Our LSR7 students and their newfound friends in Dijon are excited for the next French exchange in 2020-2021.

This is a picture of students from the Summer 2018 French exchange program.

LSR7 students visited the National Opera in Paris.


Students pose in front of the Louvre.


Students visited Annecy, pictured above, during their trip.


Students explored the local architecture of Annecy.


Students take a break during their hike in the Alps.


Students break for a meal. Bon appetit!


Students pose with the famous polar bear of Dijon.


Students ended their visit with a trip to the Eiffel Tower.


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