Lee's Summit R-7 School District
SVE students on the broadcasting teamSVE students on the broadcasting team

Meet the student broadcasters at Sunset Valley Elementary

Sunset Valley Elementary digital media/broadcasting students hadn’t been producing studio broadcasts very long when they had an idea for a new, creative segment.

They’d noticed that teachers Mr. Hookie and Mr. Hochsprung looked kind of alike. What if they challenged students to tell them apart on camera?

Thus, a segment was born. And “Hookie or Hochsprung” debuted in the next broadcast.

With the help of their advisers Jennifer Johnson and Jon Hochsprung, students interested in digital media and broadcasting have started producing weekly studio broadcasts this fall. And they take their duties with the seriousness of a professional.

“It’s not a class or a club — it’s a job,” fifth grader Mason Bennett says.

“It’s a great way to become more involved in your school,” classmate Vienna Jones added.

Students applied to be part of the program early this year, and while in previous years their group mostly created videos and slideshows for assemblies, this is the first time students are regularly producing studio broadcasts.

Students participate in monthly planning meetings, edit and shoot their broadcasts during the week and share them with the class on Fridays.

“We film in the studio with the green screen, we edit the videos and we write our own scripts,” said sixth grader Danae Cunningham.

Danae often pairs with fellow sixth grader Kate Wood. While each broadcast includes the weather and lunch menu items, the team comes up with other scripted content themselves.

Like a December segment exploring safety precautions for new playground equipment planned by Kate and Danae or a running special called “Jaguar Shout-outs.”

“You grab a kid or a staff member and you ask them who makes you feel awesome and why?” Kate says. “We film them explaining why.”

The team has planned lots of content through the end of the year, but they also say they stay open to new years. Like when earlier this month they stumbled upon some footage of Danae and Kate messing up a line and collapsing into laughter.

The team looked at each other.

“Bloopers,” they said together.

Watch the team’s Nov. 14 broadcast here: