Lee's Summit R-7 School District
This image was taken at a suicide prevention presentation.

More information about LRS7’s Signs of Suicide Prevention Program

Lee’s Summit High School counselor Connie Ficken stood in front of a high school classroom last week and addressed a group of sophomores.

“We know the teen years can be really hard,” she said. “And we know you guys have a lot of pressure that adults don’t always see.”

Connie and other LSR7 counselors are presenting LSR7’s Signs of Suicide program to students this month. The program is used by the district to educate students and parents about the relationship between suicide and depression, warning signs of suicidal ideation and resources to get help.

Students are taught the curriculum in eighth and tenth grades, receive refresher courses in ninth and 11th grades and participate as seniors in a class geared toward taking care of mental health after high school.

Last week, sophomores watched video scenarios about how to support someone who is struggling with depression and hopelessness before engaging in discussions about how to help. The program encourages students to A.C.T:  Acknowledge and recognize the signs that an individual is struggling,  care by offering support and asking questions and tell, by communicating concerns to a trusted adult.

If parents would like to learn more about the free Signs of Suicide program, please visit this informational website. Additional resources can also be found under the Student Wellbeing link in your parent portal.

We invite parents to explore tools and resources to help support childrens’ mental health as we teach students suicide prevention strategies.

“If you notice a change in your friend, and they are really pushing back, that could be a warning sign,” school counselor Sally Sabata told sophomores across the hall last week. “And it’s OK to tell someone.”

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