Lee's Summit R-7 School District

‘One Voice’ video: “This is the sound of all of us. Singing with love and the will to trust.”

Leah Finch (Lee’s Summit High), Elaine Watson (Lee’s Summit North) and Gabby Sifuentes (Lee’s Summit West) stood on the Convocation stage at Lee’s Summit High School this August and sang “One Voice,” a song about unity and trust that captured the hearts of the faculty and staff in attendance. 

This is the sound of one voice

One people, one voice

A song for every one of us

This is the sound of one voice 

This week, the three high-schoolers reprised their three-part harmony in a “First Day of School” video shared throughout our community. Watch this powerful performance made possible with the help of LSW choral director Amy Krinke and four members of the LSR5 Band: teachers Matthew KettemanShawn Harrel and David Tourtellot and Brandon Johnson.