Lee's Summit R-7 School District
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LSR7 Real World Learning: Running a Business (Our Schools Magazine February 2021)

Madison’s story is part of a feature on Real World Learning in LSR7.

Madison Goff, a student at Lee’s Summit North High School, capitalized on an LSR7 opportunity to develop her business skills.

Madison took over as manager of LSN’s Mane Street Station general store as part of participating in the Marketing pathway of LSR7’s Career and Technical Education program. Madison’s
responsibilities include ordering products, pricing, stocking, doing inventory and focusing on customer service.

In addition to these duties, Madison confronted the tough question all businesses faced during COVID-19 — how does one do business during a global pandemic? Madison pivoted, launching an online store. She created a back-to-school goody bag, pitched families on the idea and then delivered the bags to customers. Madison promoted pre-merchandise sales, advertised around the school and conducted surveys to engage customers.

“I definitely think this position has made me more comfortable in making big decisions and decisions that impact a business,” Madison says.

Her experience has changed her perspective on business. “I think a big thing is facing problems within a world we can’t control and turning them into something positive and gaining something good out of it,” Madison says.

LSR7 students grow through advanced learning and hands-on professional experiences in programs such as Career and Technical Education, Innovation Track, Community-Based Instruction, the Missouri Innovation Campus and International Baccalaureate.

Now, through a new initiative and partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, the district is making significant strides toward providing “real world” learning experiences to its entire student body.

The goal of the metro-wide initiative, called Real World Learning (RWL), is for students to graduate with at least one of these experiences: internships, client projects, industry recognized credentials, dual college credit and other entrepreneurial opportunities across a range of interests, industries and employers.

Community connections are an essential part of this important work to prepare today’s students to be leaders in our future workforce. When employers give students opportunities to work in business/industry, students connect to the core principles and skills being taught in our classroom. Employers get early access to talent through interacting with students on projects or internships. RWL experiences help employers build their hiring pipeline, especially in high-demand industries. Visit lsr7.org/RWL to learn more.