Lee's Summit R-7 School District
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Speech and Debate Teams Earn National Recognition

The 2019-2020 speech and debate teams from Lee’s Summit High School, Lee’s Summit North High School and Lee’s Summit West High School rank among the top in the nation, according to the National Speech & Debate Association.

LSN and LSW ranked in the top 100 teams nationwide. The honor commends the teams’ integrity, humility, respect, leadership and service.

LSHS, LSN and LSW earned Club Awards, which highlight commitment to teaching important life skills such as communicating, researching, listening, writing and organizing. The award level is based on strength points, which are calculated to reflect student and coach achievements in competition and service. LSHS is a 100 Club school, LSN is a 300 club school, and LSW is a 500 Club school.

Nate Smith is the coach at LSHS. Ben Jewell and Rachel Russell are the coaches at LSN. Hope Bonner and Matt Good are the coaches at LSW.