Lee's Summit R-7 School District

STA International Studies “Global Prep Squad”

Students in the International Studies program at Summit Technology Academy are helping prep businesses by providing information about economies, industries and markets with their Global Prep Squad (GPS) Culture Map and marketing plan. The Global Prep Squad at Summit Technology Academy provides business travelers tips on business etiquette and business lingo. The Squad also provides international market research.

The GPS Mission Statement is:  Achieving our educational objectives through providing professionally implemented professional tools that exceed our customers’ expectations. This simulation is now able to become a true student-run business. Students will work with business partners as before, but student work will be used by professionals when traveling.

Students will benefit from learning marketing and business basics first-hand as they compete with local cultural consulting firms for clients. Students will also learn aspects of social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) as they develop and maintain a “web presence” for the business. By developing both project management skills and soft skills as they work directly with businesses and customers, the Squad is gaining valuable business experience.

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