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This is a picture of STA students with their awards at the Bio Medical Research Competition.

STA students win Top 15 Awards at Biomedical Research Competition

Students from the Summit Technology Academy Biomedical Innovation program won top 15 awards at Project Lead the Way – KC’s annual Biomedical Research Competition, hosted by the KC STEM Alliance. The competition featured 62 projects from 87 students to highlight PLTW senior capstone projects and recognize excellence in biomedical science. Competition winners earn scholarships that support continued STEM education.

Competition participants submit projects online using the Innovation Portal, a free, open and secure tool for design and problem-solving works. Practicing industry professionals then judge student works, evaluating how the projects illustrate students’ design-thinking and problem-solving capabilities. 

This year’s Biomedical Research Competition top 15 award winners from the Summit Technology Academy (STA) Biomedical Innovation students are:

  • Makenzi Schroeder – 1st place with The Effect of Over the Counter and Prescription Insulin on Danio Rerio. Makenzi was awarded a $2,500 scholarship. Makenzi’s sending school to STA is Lee’s Summit West High School (LSW).
  • Bryan Mathew – 4th place with The Effect of Bleach, Lysol and Ethanol on Bacterial Growth on a Lab Table Surface. Bryan’s sending school is Lee’s Summit West High School.
  • Emma Cooney, Zaibunnisa Malik, Allen Guardado and Reese Wood – 5th place with Genetic Engineering of E-Coli for the Efficient Production of Fibrinogen. Emma’s sending school is Lee’s Summit High School (LSHS), Zaibunnisa’s sending school is Raytown South High School, Allen’s sending school is Lee’s Summit North High School (LSN), and Reese’s sending school to is Odessa High School.
  • Evelyn McQueen – 6th place with The Effect of Manuka Honey on the Antibiotic Resistant Properties of Streptomycin Resistance E-Coli and Ampicillin Resistant E-Coli. Evelyn’s sending school is LSW.
  • Magdalyn Carlson – 7th place with The Neurological Effects of Juul Vapor on Caenorhabditis Elegans. Magdalyn’s sending school is Raymore Peculiar High School.
  • Liberty Riggs, Kaitlyn McGill, Olivia Rickett and Michael Kimaku – 9th place with The Effect of Concentration of Vitamin C and Bacteriophage on the Growth of E-Coli. Liberty’s sending school is LSW, Kaitlyn’s sending school is LSHS, Olivia’s sending school is LSN, and Michael’s sending school is LSW.
  • Ashley Crockett, Taylor Iverson and Zuzeth Gonzalez – 10th place with The Effect of Alcohol Proof on Streptococcus Mutans. Ashley and Taylor’s sending school is Raytown High School, Zuzeth’s sending school is Raytown South High School.
  • Jillian Kirkpatrick – 12th place with Quantifying the Amount of Bacteria on Healthcare Worker’s Cell Phones. Jillian’s sending school is LSW.
  • Abigal Mainard – 13th place with The Effect of Essential Oils on Staphylococcus Epidermis. Abigal’s sending school is Harrisonville High School.

Congratulations, Biomedical Innovation students! Your accomplishments are inspiring for the present and future of biomedical research.

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