Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Summit Technology Academy team captures top award at St. Louis Regional BattleBots competition

The engineering-minded Summit Squared BattleBOTS team captured the top award at the 2018 Bots St. Louis Regional Competition, held April 21. The team, consisting of students from Summit Technology Academy, won first place in battles, was awarded the grand champion award for scoring the highest number of points in all categories and has qualified for the national competition, which will be held in late May in Pennsylvania.

According to Eric Walters, the team’s coach, “The team had learned from mistakes that occurred during the KC Regional Tournament and made a second version with various revisions to create a better bot. After fundraising the money to travel to the St. Louis competition, BotSTL, they took their new bot to the competition. The revisions were definite improvements as evidence by their success.”

At the St. Louis competition, schools competing included high schools, middle schools and two universities. Summit Squared lost a match to last year’s second-place finisher, Chief, by referees’ decision. The local team then battled their way through the losers bracket to meet back up with the Chief team from St. Charles West High School and defeated this team twice in row. It is noteworthy that the Chief bot body is made of titanium and could take all impact without suffering damage, and the Summit Squared bot is formed from sheet steel and coated in Line X as a protective coating, which absorbs shock and impact from the competitions weapons.

This earned Summit Squared first place in battles and the grand champion award for scoring the most points in all categories including documentation and interviews. This award was accompanied with a CraftBot 2, 3D printer worth $1,300.

The Summit Technology Academy team is currently working with its sponsors to create a third design. The National Robotics League (also known as BattleBOTS) competition will be at California University in California, Pa. The competition is a gladiator-style robot battle. High school and college teams work for approximately six months to design and build their lightweight robots with the creations competing against each other in three-minute matches.

Creative Blow Molding and Unitech LLC, both involved in machining and located in Lee’s Summit, have provided assistance this year.  In addition, Truck Works helped in making the bot even more durable. The team sponsors include Creative Blow Molding, Unitech, Truckworks, Jersey Mike’s, High Tech Solutions, Kastle Grinding and Marco’s Pizza. The students have organized a GoFundMe page for the trip to nationals available at https://www.gofundme.com/8x86u-nationals-trip.