Lee's Summit R-7 School District
Student participates in Raider Competitions.Student participates in Raider Competitions.

The Lee’s Summit West Air Force JROTC is nationally-ranked after an unprecedented performance this season

The competition isn’t for the weak of heart. At Raider Competitions — athletic events for JROTC programs across the country — competitors display strength, teamwork, and innovation as they face obstacle courses, strength tests, running either a 10k, or a 5k, and the successful completion of a One Rope Bridge. 

Members of Lee’s Summit West’s Air Force JROTC dominated the field in the All Service division of the All Service National Raider Championships last week in Molena, Georgia.

More than 30 teams participated in the event overall.

The Lee’s Summit West’s female team earned second place overall, with their teammates competing in the men’s division earning third place overall. Their victory didn’t just mean they competed against and defeated cadets from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. They outperformed all other Air Force teams, making them the No. 1. Air Force JROTC Raider team in the country.

The top 6 teams were selected for Army Raider Nationals next year, an honor that the female team holds.

In the words of proud coach MSgt. Ray T. Northcutt, “Taking this team from just another Raider team,  to nationally ranked in just 9 months, blows my mind. The dedication, motivation, and encouragement that these cadets have shown to themselves and to each other is absolutely what drove them to succeed.”

Congratulations to the winning teams:

Tessa Polzin, Naomi Morkert, Grace Distefano, Tennison Finnigan, Aurora Torres, Marie Monaghan, Somyrrh Ehlert, Sara Starke, & Molly Wiltfang

Alex Carter, Bryce Farris, Layne Holbert, Dylan Parris, Dylan Barbarick, Gage Trebilcock, Thomas Lucas, Brian Landon, Nate Jenkins, Zarek Gautreaux, Houston Penrod, & Micah Matthews

Students participate in Raider Competitions.

Students participate in Raider Competitions.

Students participate in Raider Competitions.

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