Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Underwood Elementary pen pal connection continues to flourish

Underwood Elementary students in several grade levels are continuing their connection to pen pals at St. Jago Primary in Harmons, Jamaica, this summer.

Sixth-grade teacher, Karen Bannister, recently returned from Jamaica with another set of letters from first-, second- and fifth-graders to be delivered to Underwood students. In addition to the letter exchanges between students and teachers, the Underwood students sent a class of set of calculators, playing cards and supplies for science lessons to the Jamaican students along with some favorite lesson plans from the teachers.

First-grade teacher Tia Kirn shared, “This experience has enhanced my students’ writing and geography skills, along with building relationships with new friends. To make it even better, first-graders are looking forward to having their first piece of mail mailed to their homes this summer from their pen pals! I am sure some kiddos will be waiting at their mailbox when school lets out!”

The pen pal program is coordinated through Won By One To Jamaica.

In featured photo above, Beth-Ann Brown, fifth-grade teacher at the Jamaican school, displays photos of Underwood Elementary pen pals in her classroom.


Underwood students wearing pen pal shirts purchased by Won By One to Jamaica.


Jamaican pen pals writing to students in Debbie Suave’s classroom.














Pen pals from Jamaica who are corresponding with Tia Kirn’s students.













Jamaican pen pals writing to students in Karen Bannister’s classroom.