Lee's Summit R-7 School District

In My Words – Kay Haas (Our Schools Magazine: November 2020)

Kay Haas, a seventh-grade student at Bernard Campbell Middle School, engages in a variety of extracurricular activities. She serves on Student Council, plays the oboe and earns top recognition in Aerialympics, which features aerial artists performing with silks and other materials.

Before I used to be shy, but now I talk to more people. I will start conversations with people, especially in class all the time when we’re just chitchatting.

Last year, I was the president of Student Council. This year I’m also on Student Council. I think what made me do Student Council is trying something new, something different. In
elementary school, you don’t get too many opportunities to do something different out of the norm.

I like playing the oboe because I think it sounds really pretty. I can do really high notes and really low notes; it matches so perfectly together.

I think I chose it over all the other instruments because one of things that really caught my eye about the oboe was it’s so funky and different. Nobody at my elementary school
played the oboe, so I felt like it was something different.

Aerialympics is not too much different than a dance competition, just with silks and aerial stuff. I climb the silks. I can do different moves. I can do splits in the air. I’m working a lot on my strength, doing no-handed climbs and a one-arm hang. I wrap, and I can do drops from it.

I think the thing that most draws me to Aerialympics is first of all the challenge. I love learning new things like doing a cool shake or a new drop or a dive or something like that and learning new routines.

I love doing aerial silks. I’m very proud – I got first place this year in Intermediate Silks Junior.

Of course I’m disappointed that I couldn’t go to Bernard Campell because I was really excited to go to middle school and switch classes and have a locker, but I think we’re going to have to make the best out of it. There’s been a couple of bumps in online learning, but I think we’re working it out so far.

I think [the COVID-19 pandemic] pushed me to grow through technology. Before COVID-19 and quarantine, I barely knew how to delete something from Google Drive, but now I know all the shortcuts on my computer to switch tabs easily or split the screen. I organized all my classes in Schoology, so that’s made it a lot more helpful.

I want people to know that you can do anything, even if it’s as crazy as aerial silks or if it’s as simple as talking to someone.