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This is a picture of Mira and the Cedar Creek Elementary class.

CCE 4th graders throw surprise birthday party for critically ill UWE student at Children’s Mercy

Mira, a homebound Underwood Elementary student, has only been able to attend school for a few hours each morning due to a lifelong battle with a critical illness. This hasn’t kept Linda Driskill’s 4th graders at Cedar Creek Elementary from making Mira know she is a beloved, important part of our school district community. 

“Since the moment they found out about Mira, they have made cards, Face-timed her in the hospital and have gone above and beyond in showing kindness,” said Michelle Uptegrove, Mira’s homebound teacher, about Ms. Driskill’s 4th graders partnering with Mira to help her feel supported in the LSR7 journey together. They even organized a birthday party for Mira to show solidarity.

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