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Diversity Team participates in Educational Equity Consultants learning

It is important to our team to be able to release information about the initial equity training experiences with Educational Equity Consultants. Throughout the month of August and September, four cohorts of teams embarked upon the first layers of professional development with Educational Equity Consultants.

The four teams were:

  • Board of Education Cohort
  • Superintendent’s Leadership Team (SLT/IOT) Cohort
  • School and District Leaders – Cohort One
  • School and District Leaders – Cohort Two

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Results from Diversity, Equity and Belonging Thoughtexchange and EEC Training Evaluations from District Leaders

Last May, the district gathered feedback on our diversity and equity initiatives using a Thoughtexchange forum that allowed participants to share thoughts, rank ideas and interact with other people’s comments.

Click here for a presentation, as well as links to data, that showcases the top thoughts and trends from that May 2019 forum.

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This is a picture of the LSR7 logo.

LSR7 invites you to participate in Thoughtexchange online forum about diversity, equity and belonging

As you are likely aware, we have been having conversations about equity work in our school district. We have approved a district-wide equity plan and launched an equity webpage that details goals and timelines associated with the plan. The website also provides access to downloadable data sets, research, executive summaries and presentations. We hope you’ve found these resources helpful in understanding some of our initiatives around diversity, equity and inclusion.

With this, we’re also interested in your perspective around diversity, equity and inclusion. To gather your feedback, we’re again using a tool called Thoughtexchange. All of our voices matter, so your participation is crucial and valued.

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