Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Board of Education: Pre-K-3 students will join grades 4-12 in virtual learning

At its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, the Board of Education voted 6-1 to shift PreK-3 students into a virtual learning mode from Monday, Nov. 23 until Monday, Jan. 11.

The Board and district administrators will convene on or around Jan 4 to review data from November and December to determine if students may return to in-person learning on Jan. 11. If data does not support the return, elementary virtual education will be extended until a target return date of Jan. 25.

The Board’s decision this evening does not impact the plans approved for our grades 4-12 learners on Tuesday night. Grades 4-12 will transition to a virtual learning model on Monday, Nov. 23 and remain in that model through Jan. 21, 2021 with a target return date of Jan. 25. As we shared with you earlier this week, the learning model for grades 4-12 will be reevaluated on or around Jan. 14, 2021.

R-7 Online Academy’s specific schedules for our online students are not impacted by either board decision this week and current learning plans remain unchanged.

The district’s recommendation to move all students to a virtual environment follows a sharp increase in our district’s COVID-19 data in a short period of time. This data reflects a significant rise in cases in our local community, which is experiencing what public health officials are calling “uncontrolled” levels of transmission.

New cases and quarantines in the district as well as staffing shortages have continued to prompt concerns that the district’s ability to mitigate risk for students and staff through health and safety protocols and contact tracing is not sustainable in this current environment. On top of that, local officials have said that the risk of exposure during the two weeks after Thanksgiving and winter break will also significantly increase for the community because of holiday gatherings.

At this time, a virtual learning model will provide the most consistent learning experience for LSR7 students while ensuring that students and all of our staff remain safe.

Here is the plan moving forward given the Board’s decisions this week.

  • LSR7 students will remain in their current learning models through Friday, Nov. 20.

  • The district’s full-time virtual model will commence on Monday, Nov. 23. Learning will be accessed as usual via Schoology and Google Meets.

  • The district will reevaluate learning models no sooner than Jan 4. for Pre-K through 3 and no sooner than January 14 for grades 4-12. This will ensure that the district can look at the state of transmission in our community in the two weeks after the holiday season.

  • Information about accessing Nutrition Services meals and a consolidated Before and After School Services program will be provided soon.