Lee's Summit R-7 School District

What else do Lee’s Summit High School plans include?

Lee’s Summit High School was constructed in 1952, and a portion of the school building facing Highway 50 has outdated and aging infrastructure. This includes a wood roof structure, and unreinforced block walls that have cracked over time. District plans call for a new southern facade as well as additions and renovations to the school’s western exterior, including its western entrance. 

Lee’s Summit High School, the district’s original high school, is a sprawling campus made up several buildings constructed in various decades that need to be better connected. (Image below reflects the current LSHS campus.) This item includes new construction to connect buildings, a centralized library, and light to heavy interior renovations touching most of Lee’s Summit High School’s instructional and public spaces. The Lee’s Summit High bond component also includes new flexible-learning and collaboration spaces. Plans call for more than 60,000 additional square feet in new construction. Strategic renovations and additions would make the building overall more safe, particularly for kids who have had to walk outside to get to class on time.

concept plans for LSHS renovations