Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Why did the district recommend the sixth grade to middle school transition?

  • We know our school district population is projected to grow by 1,500 students in the next 10 years. The transition to middle school not only creates new learning opportunities for sixth graders, it provides capacity at the elementary level.
  • The middle school transition will give sixth graders opportunities to engage in more electives and an advanced curriculum tailored to their needs. It would also allow educators to give sixth graders more attention and support during a crucial developmental stage.
  • Without sixth grade in the elementary schools, there will be flexibility around lunch schedules which will allow kindergarten to eat later in the day, as well as more resources for all grade levels at our elementary schools.
  • Additional space also creates opportunities for specialized programs such as art, music, physical education and special education, as well as space for collaboration, STEM activities and project-based learning at the elementary level.
  • The middle school transition recommendation stemmed from a middle school design process action team formed during Phase II of the CFMP process. That team was made up of teachers, support staff, counselors, administrators, parents and community members.